Ground Work….

We are happy to share that Paryavaran Mitra’s 3rd waste management center will be inaugurated soon after Diwali. This will be 1st of a kind model for India where rag-pickers will be involved at all stages of waste management be it collection, segregation, or recycling and that too as owners not employees in a dignified way. It will definitely be fulfilling the vision of Paryavaran Mitra to a great extent.
The fortnight was dedicated towards the ground work of establishing this center properly. Sisters from Piyar center were taken to the site where they were explained about their duties, work environment, location etc. 2nd team of sisters from Manav Mitra were also briefed about the work in case we need more team members. At the same time, back hand work of getting all the equipment, safety gears, renovation work etc are being carried out in full fledged manner.
We also got an opportunity to take GD followed by a session on the model of Paryavaran Mitra at IILM, Delhi. These interactions help both ways as we get suggestions/feedback on the our model, and the audience get to know the grassroots level social enterprises working on different vision.
It feels to good to gradually moving towards the vision relishing every moment of the journey.

Volunteer voices

Volunteers have been a strong supportive force of Paryavaran Mitra.