Getting Involved



Volunteers have been a strong supportive force of Paryavaran Mitra. They come with fresh ideas, enthusiasm and purity to bring change through their compassion and hard-work. Their presence not only helps us evolve and improve but they act a third eye for the organisation, which has been key in helping us progress. They serve in both the areas of their passion and their skills sets, always giving of themselves. You can have a look at the testimonials alongside to get some idea on volunteering with us.

Gift Of Change

While making continuous improvements in the project, we realized that there are a lot of things that we can still do to give better returns to the PMs. This resulted in the idea of making products out of the recyclables they collect. We started developing some basic products out of waste bottles such as flower vases, night lamps, pen stands, etc. The feedback received for the demo products was very encouraging. So, we are currently training 15 women from the same community into art based activities where-in they develop good artistic products out of the waste collected by our PMs. They are not only learning new skills in their leisure time but it also serves as a skilled based alternate source of income for them. This sub-project has been named as ‘Gift of Change’.

For now, they are developing planters. These beautiful planters are not only taking care of recycling but also plantation. For each of these planters the women gets Rs.100. So, any women from our community working with dedication easily earns nearly Rs.3,000 per month as she completes one bottle each day-session.

Volunteer voices

Volunteers have been a strong supportive force of Paryavaran Mitra.