Yet another fulfilling Saturday Special…

‘Shraddha’, an initiative to empower women by providing them Pedal Rickshaw as loan followed by a well designed repayment mechanism, which enables these women to become the owner in just 11 months.
It was an absolute pleasure to start the distribution of Pedal Rickshaw to the enrolled beneficiaries through this initiative in our Saturday Special Event organised at Mausal – RUPA Paryavaran Mitra Centre.
The 1st pedal rickshaw is given to Lalitaben Maheshbhai Parmar, a very inspiring soul, supporting her handicapped husband in taking care of their family of 8 people by doing rag-picking.
Lalitaben goes for rag-picking from 3am-6am and then works as a cleaning maid in an apartment till 9am. Once she is back to her home, she quickly finishes her household work before finally selling the collection to earn merely Rs.150-200/day.

Volunteer voices

Volunteers have been a strong supportive force of Paryavaran Mitra.