Hendrik (Germany)


My name is Hendrik Jansen and i was volunteering in Manav Sadhna for almost 2 months. In my last few days here i even had the possibility to get to know a deep impression of the Paryavaran Mitra Project ( friends of the environment ). Before that night where we went rag-picking, the founder ashish agrawal gave us already a few informations about the concept. Respect ! This is probably the most proper word for my feelings for the rag-pickers Maheshbhai and Lalitaben who showed us their work. In the middle of the night they used to dig deeply inside trash containers, which are not only filled with useful plastic bottles, but rather with waste of (wet) food out of the restaurants and hotels. Beside this they have to deal with barking dogs and many other concurrents. After the two hard-workers finished the picking they start to sort out the trash they’ve collected in the early morning. In addition their sleeping schedule is not so comfortable as some of us know. In conclusion, the lesson i took out of this experience was, that you’ll find happiness and grattitude more in a moment than in general life circumastances – because these two where both! Thank u Maheshbhai and Lalitaben !

In unconditional Love – Hendrik

Volunteer voices

Volunteers have been a strong supportive force of Paryavaran Mitra.