YAY!! Our Planters Now Have Online Presence

Dear friends,

As you know that we have been working with Paryavaran Mitras (Rag-picking women) with an aim to holistically improve their life. As a part of this concept, those women who are interested in art & craft are trained to create products out of the wastes. For now they have been successfully producing amazing planters, bird-feeders, pen stands etc.
These planters not only takes care of recycling, but also it gives life to a baby sapling. Most importantly, it helps many slum dwelling women feed their families with dignity.
We are happy to share that these planters are now being sold onmybageecha.com, a portal dedicated for gardening related products. They are in hand painted categories. (http://mybageecha.com/collections/hanging-pots). Since, you all have always been a continuous support and motivation, you can happily use coupon ‘PM10’ to avail some discount. Feel free to give your value suggestions.
At the end, We would like to sincerely thank Komalben for connecting us with Saumitrabhai, the founder of mybageecha.com.


Volunteer voices

Volunteers have been a strong supportive force of Paryavaran Mitra.