Week full of Action and Fun

As we are blessed with three volunteers working with absolute compassion and interest towards the cause of bringing smile on the face of Paryavaran Mitras (PMs) (rag-picking women), it was a beautiful week with loads of actions, fun activities, discussions and planning.
At one end Chandler and Shristhi are training the art women for better and newer products such as rings, pend stands etc. out of waste water bottles; they are going with the team to the market to get raw materials and familiarizing themselves with the process of product development. They are also meeting & associating with the organisations with eco-friendly way of working wherein our products could used as an integral part. We got some really motivating responses on this front.
On the other hand, Ben and Ajaybhai are working with schools to spread awareness about the life of a PMs and the amazing role they play towards greener and cleaner society. It is a part of a broader concept to involve students into a series of activities sensitizing them towards environment and the PMs.
On top of all, we had two wonderful Saturday Special events in the centers with well planned sharing, games and Garba. Community was excited to have our volunteers playing and interacting with them.
We sincerely hope to slowly bring more smiles and confidence in the 
life of these PMs.

Addressing the Students at Rachana School

Addressing the Students at Rachana School


Training to Art Women

Volunteer voices

Volunteers have been a strong supportive force of Paryavaran Mitra.