Pushing Limits…

One finds limits by pushing them – Herbert Simon

The fortnight was different as we did/had few activities/opportunities for the 1st time.
On one end, for the 1st time, our core team leaders Punit & Gaurav went to IRMA for a 3-day Enterprise Development Program which had a focus on building community based organisations. It was a great learning experience for them.
Their absence gave an opportunity to rest of the team to push their limits ensuring smooth operations. Meanwhile, at our new centre Suraksha, it is delightful to witness young leaders giving their 100% and imbibing the huge load of learning and challenges coming their way every single day.
We are happy to share that Paryavaran Mitra model will be shared in conference to be held from 25th- 28th June, at the John Carroll University, Ohio, USA. This 1st research paper is being written by Dr. Sujit Jagdale from XUB & Dr. Nicholas J. C. Santos from Marquette University, Wisconsin, USA.
Meanwhile, locally, we are all set to take course on social enterprise plan at EDII and a session on the journey of Paryavaran Mitra at Xaviors University, Bhubneshwar.
So, the fortnight was really immersive learning wise.

Volunteer voices

Volunteers have been a strong supportive force of Paryavaran Mitra.