Mount Abu Trip….

The holiday is the best time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us – Terri Marshall
With this intent, the Paryavaran Mitra family was on 2-day pilgrimage & recreational trip to Mount Abu and Ambaji. It had been an immensely satisfying couple of days for the team to witness innocent smiles and deep gratitude in the eyes of our respected sisters.
For sisters, it was nothing less than a small dream coming true. They enjoyed every single moment to the fullest. To get maximum out of this trip, they were like kids trying to make us happy by being always ready before time for any activity in best possible attire and as most disciplined lot. Except couple of them, it was for the time in the life that they came out of their state.
Whether it was getting ready for picture in traditional dress or whether it was hiking 300+ stairs to a temple or whether it was 1km trail walk to lake-site, all were right into action, whether it was 10years old girl or 65years old grandma. The energy and spirit was phenomenal. Presence of Matthew and Monica deeply added to the overall fun and excitement because of their humbleness and acceptance. The fun was beautifully balanced with deeper interactions anchored by Ewa around the values of kindness and gratitude.
It feels deeply satisfying to be able to be a medium for bringing the moments of happiness to these deserving souls. Sincere gratitude to Anidi for supporting the whole trip and Ewa for planning the trip so beautifully, keeping its intent and values intact at its core.

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