Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday…..

The fortnight was full action as it was the birthday of our mentor and inspiration Mahatma Gandhi. Lots of inspiring activities were planned to celebrate this auspicious week.
Manav Sadhna organised HeART festival giving an opportunity to all the non-profits working with kids and women to showcase their artistic talent. Paryavaran Mitra sisters also took part and shared their vision behind making planters and others products out of waste.
I, being an alumnus of Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune, was really proud to have professors visiting us on this occasion. Their hearts were filled with compassion and gratitude witnessing the amazing work of Manav Sadhna towards bringing holistic development in the lives of lesser privileged kids.
Metropole, an elite hotel near Gandhi Ashram took this day as an opportunity to spread awareness about cleanliness. Their team did a massive cleaning drive in our community with the support of our Scout kids. These small humble acts are very inspiring both for the community as well as the team performing it. The week also lucky for us as Metropole agreed to henceforth donate their dry waste to us.
Recently, during my visit to New Delhi, i was simply amazed to meet a group of senior professionals from diverse sectors coming together to brainstorm on how to improve the model of Paryavaran Mitra. The discussion was an absolute blessing for me. It was supposed to go for an hour or so but we ended up discussing for nearly 5 hours. Sincere gratitude to Anantbhai for arranging this event.
Amidst all, we continued our efforts towards spreading awareness among students about waste management and the phenomenal service of Paryavaran Mitra sisters towards society and the mother earth.
We are determined to continue moving forward with same energy and purity.

Volunteer voices

Volunteers have been a strong supportive force of Paryavaran Mitra.