Joy of Giving…

Wow..What a powerful session it was..
Ani Di, our Manav Sadhna family member from UK, had been mentoring and guiding our lovely Paryavaran Mitra sisters on the values of life such as kindness, gratitude etc.
Last two Saturday Specials, she planted the seeds of ‘Joy of giving’ within the sisters. The experiment was very simple. Rs.50 was gifted to each sister and they were humbly asked to spend it in a thoughtful manner trying to bring smile on the faces around us. Idea was to make ourselves aware of the feeling we go through when we do something for someone with selfless intention. It could simply be spending time with someone, sharing something with someone. Sisters were given a week time to implement this experiment.
One of our sisters Laxmiben fed cows buying fresh grass from this amount while Muriben got 50 toffees and treated every kid coming her way. Ratanben made shira/halwa(Indian sweet which is luxury for our sisters) for feeding the street dog while Mogiben got another sweets for the kids of our pre-school. All were excited and proud to share their joyful experience.
The underlying learning we all had was that practicing the Joy of giving makes our soul more happier and healthier.
We are blessed to have inspiring souls like Ani Di and Anjali Di mentoring us to become a better human being..

Volunteer voices

Volunteers have been a strong supportive force of Paryavaran Mitra.