Inauguration of Education Center at Kiran PM Facility

Yesterday, 13th Sept was the birthday of our inspiration, mentor and guide Late Ishwar Dada.
To pay a tribute to him, we had a great event inaugurating the new Education Center at Kiran Paryavaran Mitra (PM) Centre in Motera, Sabarmati. We had an amazing turnout with about 150 children from the area, along with some parents, guests, and Manav Sadhna staff. After opening with prayer, we shared a presentation with the kids to give them an idea of what we’re doing at other community centers and hope to do at this center.
Our volunteer architect Harshilbhai shared his plans for renovation. Ajaybhai and Virenbhai did an excellent job of getting the kids excited while explaining more about the project. We then sang a few songs with the children, led by Maltiben, and finished with a snack for everyone in attendance, served by our Paryavaran Mitra team.
As of now, the space consists of 3 rooms and a kitchen connected to our PM waste collection facility. We’re going to spend the next couple of weeks working on minor renovations like painting and lighting updates. Kids will start using the facility on the auspicious occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday i.e., 2nd October .
In December, we’ll have a 4th larger room to work with and will
begin more long-term renovations. Children have already started coming in the mornings to learn and play with Babubhai at a nearby temple, who will be directing the education program.
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I was so impressed with how attentive and engaged the children were throughout the entire event. It felt as if that community center had been long established and made me very excited for the future of this project and these kids.

Viren Bhai

Virenbhai Making Kids Laugh

Volunteer voices

Volunteers have been a strong supportive force of Paryavaran Mitra.