Holistic Service…..

Holistic is a word we commonly use while sharing about our way of serving. This is one of the many cases depicting the way we actually practice it.
Geetaben Gaylabhai is one of the 40,000 incredible rag-picking women of Ahmedabad. Due to a series of downside faced by the family, they ended up in vicious debt cycle. Her husband went into depression leaving her as the sole bread earner of the family. This was the period when she came in contact with Manav Sadhna.
Analyzing the complete situation, their family background and current hurdles, we came up with this robust support plan:
a. Gifted her pedal rickshaw (Under our project Shraddha) on interest free loan, which the family can use for earning money by doing transportation of goods. Also, now she doesn’t have to pay the rent for bringing her collected waste back to her home on a rented rickshaw.
b. She was given another interest free loan to repay their debt to other middleman who was otherwise exploiting them by not giving fair price for their collected waste. Dream Foundation, a sister organisation of Manav Sadhna supported on this front.
c. Her husband Gayla bhai was given job at our Kiran Waste Collection Centre. He is now again a responsible member of his family.
d. Her daughter was given training under ‘Gift of Change’ project and now she makes beautiful curtains out of waste bottle caps thereby supporting her family financially.
e. Her son started coming to our community centre in Education program.
We are hopeful that gradually their situation will be normal again.
In this way, we humbly try to address the problem of a family in all possible manners we can. Idea is simply to serve them and empower them enough so that they can create a better future for themselves.

Volunteer voices

Volunteers have been a strong supportive force of Paryavaran Mitra.