Gratitude is the best attitude….

We often say “Gratitude is the best attitude”. This fortnight was the living example of expressing our gratitude to the Paryavaran Mitras(PMs) for their phenomenal service to society and the mother Earth.
Our amazing volunteers left no stone unturned to pay homage to our sisters on this special fortnight which also included Women’s Day.
At one end Stephanie took Yoga session gently blending it with discussions around mindfulness whereas on the other hand Ewa inspired student of St. Kabir School to become more environment friendly and thoughtful citizens through an Environmental Quiz.
Sara, Virginia & Sharon being from medical background, along with Prakash took the responsibility of examining each sister so that needy/critical women could be treated timely and properly. It is going to be a long process but very important as our sisters are directly dealing with waste and therefore the possibilities of them suffering from some disease is quite high.
Amidst all, there were two main highlights of the fortnight. 1st was definitely the wonderful movie ‘PADMAN’ shown to all sisters of Manav Sadhna eco-system. As movie openly discusses about periods and sanitary napkin, discussing which is considered as taboo in India, it was a very important movie for all of us to watch.
2nd highlight was the amazing rag-picking session which our lovely volunteers did accompanying PMs. They went on road at 5am and did rag-picking shoulder to shoulder with PMs for couple of hours. It was definitely not an easy ride for our volunteers to walk long distance, dealing with waste and carry so much weight with them. But at the end, the confidence and the feeling of togetherness which a PM gets out of this simple gesture is beyond expression.
So, it was a very powerful week in every aspect and we are simply inspired.

Volunteer voices

Volunteers have been a strong supportive force of Paryavaran Mitra.