A Fulfilling Journey…

In our pursuit of bringing holistic development in the lives of Paryavaran Mitras, we have dedicated this quarter to make conscious efforts to focus on social aspect of these women’s life.
Week started with good news where Nilam Aunty (a family member of Manav Sadhna) adopted both daughters of Chachiben (a widow rag-picking woman) for their complete schooling. This generous gesture brought Chachiben into tears as she was struggling big time to make her ends meet.
As the situation of health is miserable in our new community of Sabarmati, Motera, we are making efforts to develop awareness and facilitate in treatment of the needy families. We are satisfied that two women got the right treatment with the guidance of Ramanbhai, our health coordinator.
On awareness aspect, it was a great sight to see our sisters confidently sharing about their journey in front of hundreds of students and teachers. We believe these exposures to our sisters to be an integral of their holistic growth.
This week we had students of MIT, Pune visiting Manav Sadhna. It was motivating to witness the ease with which they mingled with our sisters & kids and shared smiles with them. It was fun to have them with us during Saturday Special organized at Mausal- RUPA Paryavaran Mitra Center.
Overall it was a good satisfying fortnight.

Volunteer voices

Volunteers have been a strong supportive force of Paryavaran Mitra.