A beautiful evening….

Continuing the journey of bringing holistic improvements in the life of Paryavaran Mitras, we had our 2nd safety kit distribution last Friday. Idea is to motivate them to use safety gears while rag-picking and therefore we facilitated them by giving masks/gloves/shoes so that the process of rag-picking becomes less hazardous & risky.
Evening started with our Earn & Learn kids applying Mehandi(Heena) to each sisters’ palm. It is always a delightful experience for the ladies. It was mesmerizing to see females of all ages enjoying the moment. Meanwhile, senior ladies were deep into Bhajans (chanting) with Jagatbhai playing the Dhol. This part beautifully ended with small Garba session.
Then, came the main part of the event, Safety kit distribution. We had Vimal Sir (AGM-SIDBI, Ahmedabad) with us on the occasion. SIDBI had graciously supported the idea of Safety kit distribution. He shared the importance of the work that our amazing sisters do every single day and stressed on the need of using the safety gears for their betterment. Mangoes being very high-end but equally delicious fruit, were also shared with the sisters (1kg each) with the support of our family member Susan Aunty from Australia. It all ended with a fabulous dance show put up by our Earn Learn kids.
It goes without saying that our sisters were simply overwhelmed with the whole experience. We sincerely hope that quite a few of them start using the safety kit in reality. As always, we feel deeply grateful to be chosen as a medium for this noble act.
Special thanks to Prakashbhai for always been an invisible helping hand and Alban for capturing these beautiful moments.

Volunteer voices

Volunteers have been a strong supportive force of Paryavaran Mitra.