Moment of Rejoice And Satisfaction

This is a story about Ashaben. She is a young married women and a mother of two children. We normally share the quarterly profits in the form of groceries for the women. Aashaben, who is a regular contributor to our facility, one day says, “Ashishbhai, you give us groceries worth Rs.1000 in every profit sharing event, this time why don't you take us to pilgrimage tour, which we would never be able to spend money towards.” This was a very small sharing for some people but for us it symbolizes that we are successful in instilling some confidence these women, we are successful in creating some bond because of which women have started sharing their aspirations and dreams. This incident was the highlight when it comes to talking about achievements in this small duration. This sharing from Aasha ben resulted in a 3-day trip to Somnath and Diu where 50 women took part.

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