Thank You All For Your Unconditional Love And Support

As you all know, I have been working for last year and half, on a business model aimed at holistic development of rag-picking women of Ahmedabad. Now that the model is successful and we are all set to expand, I would like to take a moment and thank a few of the hundreds of people who motivated & inspired us in our journey.

Sarika ben from Tarsadia Foundation for personally attending our annual profit sharing event, Govind bhai for visiting our facility and encouraging us to expand the concept in different ways, David Rehm for helping me make a better video for introducing the whole concept, Jina Shah ben for planning and executing end to end medical follow-up system for the women, Christian Kohler for making sure that the new center was architecturally perfect, Sun Sha Sunil Shah from Rainbow Papers Ltd. for being a constant buyer of paper wastes, Kaamil bhai and team from Teach for India for actually going to rag-pick and interacting with the women, Jonathan and Rahul bhai for teaching art & craft to the women in initial phase of the project, Mallory, Nilu Vyas, Reeya Patel, Bizal ben,Laura Lafoia Ava-Tesimale & Catherine Matemate-Roper for spreading love through dance and songs, Mariette Fourmeaux ben for accompanying them for a sight-seeing trip and sending memories in the form of wonderful pictures, Monica Ben for giving women lots of love, taking them out for trips, Dev J Bhatia, Pavni, Estefi and Leticia Ortega Urién for doing a mammoth task of designing the brochure & packaging for the products, Abhas Sinha, Krunal Thakkar, Chhaya Singh and Pinkey for actually coming and serving in project for a while, Arpit Jain, Angad Pathak, Anant Tiwari bhai, Tanuj Sharma and Rakesh Gohil for personally visiting the facilities and suggesting new possibilities, Gala Martínez for teaching exercises to women relieving them from joint pains, Abi Brown, Catherine, Surili Sheth, Maitreyi for taking some memorable wonderful pictures, Madhavi Mehta Mam for coming down to Ahmedabad for witnessing the whole process personally, students of Riverside school, Anni ben for linking homeless women of London with our women with small activities full of love and compassion, teams from IIM-A (Rajendra Kumar) to serve in different ways, Eash Thakrar for introducing the model at a grand event in London and many co-volunteers (Dev Dugal, Danielle Luffman, Constance and many more) for taking planters back to their homes and spreading the message, Purnima Borse, Gaurav Rathod, Rina Patel,Diken Patel, Priya and Charu for their support at Sabarmati festival.

This list will go on and on. But underline message will remain the same. Thank you everyone for being there and make us feel strong and encouraged. Special thanks to the wonderful team at Manav Sadhna for constantly pumping us with positive energy and inspiring us to keep serving with purity and compassion. Please don’t hesitate to tag yourself in-case I missed out.

At last, i would like thank you all 'my friends and family, for always being there no matter what happens, for being there as a constant invisible support system. I couldn't have done it without you all.


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