Wow. Such an inspiring event!

Ani Ben, a strong pillar of Manav Sadhna family, serves homeless women in UK. Every year she makes it a point to visit Manav Sadhna,India. This time when she was planning to visit, she told her group of homeless women about rag-picking [Paryavaran Mitra (PM): Friends of the Environment] women with whom I have been working.

They got inspired with the life, struggle and endless service of the PMs. To show their love, compassion and admiration, the women from UK sent these beautiful handmade key rings for each PM along with video messages and pictures.

I would request all of us to take a moment and think about the event, how powerful it is!

Homeless women from UK, who themselves do not have any resources, sent a gift for someone who is thousands of miles away, whom they have never met, never seen, never interacted. This is really inspirational to witness the positiveness these women have within themselves, the compassion they have for anyone serving the society, in-spite of the emptiness they have in their personal lives. This is what is called true serving and love.

This was a great learning and motivating experience for me. On the eve of Valentine Day, I would sincerely request all of us to do any random act of kindness and compassion for an unknown person.

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